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Estrellas Poker Tour (Part 2)

Estrellas Poker Tour Tour Season Two was scheduled to begin in February, 2011 and run 5 events in total. And it all began where it all ended a few months ago – Madrid. In addition to the last year’s events in Madrid, Malaga and Alicante, two were added in San Sebastian and Ibiza.

Estrellas Poker Tour (2011)

This time they had nearly double the player pools in each event compared to the first season and double the prizepools. It’ was significantly bigger!


  • Events – 6 (new events include €450 +50 No Limit Bounty and €180 +20 NL Turbo Bounty
  • Running – February 3-6, 2011
  • Main Event attendance – 498
  • Main Event (in the money) – 72
  • Prizepool – €435,054

Season two kicked off at the same place that it ended last year – Madrid. It was close to reaching 500 players but numbers revealed a total of 498 players, the biggest Estrellas Poker Tour up to date. Top 72 players shared the €435,053 prizepool.

Here are Top 15 payouts of the event:

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First place prize, over €100,000 went to Ricardo Escobar from Spain, second place prize (almost €70,000) went to his fellow countryman Jose Rodriguez-Espadas while 3rd place finisher Philipp Schimmerl from Austria took home nearly €40,000.

There’s a well-known name in the fourth place, Remko Rinkema, currently working as a poker journalist for Poker News, who said: “Finished in 4th place for €26.100 at the Estrellas Poker Tour. Amazing result, not the top prize but I’m happy with the way things went! The support was incredible, love all you guys!”



  • Events – 6
  • Running – March 31 – April 3, 2011
  • Main Event attendance – 375
  • Main Event (in the money) – 45
  • Prizepool – €327,600


Festival in Malaga was smaller than the event in Madrid but it was still much larger than any of the season one event. 6-day series included 6 tournaments with buy-ins ranging from €150 to €300 but of course the most significant event was €910 +90 Main Event with 375 players. Interestingly, there were no PLO events.

But let’s get back to the Main Event.

The Estrellas Poker Tour Malaga Main Event generated €327,600 prize pool and a big part of it, €81,500 went to Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez from Spain. Since 2011 Rodriguez has cashed for over $334,000 in tournaments and is currently 32nd in Spain All-time Time money list.

Here are the payouts.

espt s2e2

8th place finisher, Tero Jokela was the only non-Spanish player to win an event at ESPT Malaga as he won the very first event, €200 +20 NL that was entered by 35 players. Another notable name is the runner-up in the ESPT Main event in Madrid, this season – Paul Schimmer who finished in 22nd place.



  • Events – 6
  • Running – May 26-29, 2011
  • Main Event attendance – 347
  • Main Event (in the money) – 41
  • Prizepool – €303,000


For the midst of Season Two, in late May Estrellas Poker Tour went back to Alicante. The schedule consisted of the same side events ranging from €150 to €300 No Limit events as well as €910 +€900 +90 Estrellas Poker Tour Alicante Main Event.

It’s probably safe to say that it was much more international as far as winners go than the last event of Season 2. This time only two new champions were from Spain while 4 other events were won by a Swede, Romanian, a Russian and a players from Russia.

espt s2e3


The Main Event had 347 entries to generate €303,140 prize pool. Alejandro Barcelo was the winner of that event taking home €75,800. This remains as his biggest win in live tournaments but he also had a deep run in Estrellas Poker Tour Season 3.


Sen Sebastian

  • Events – 6
  • Running – August 4-7, 2011
  • Main Event attendance – 290
  • Main Event (in the money) – 32
  • Prizepool – €253,000

San Sebastian was the new destination at Estrellas Poker Tour. It’s also known as Donostia, is a city on a coast of the Bay of Biscay and 10 miles from France. San Sebastian festival was not really a big success.

The €910 +90 Main Event had the lowest attendance of Season 2 events. 290 players entered and generated €253,000 prize pool. It was won by a player we have already met, Fabian Deimann who finished runner-up in the very first Estrellas Poker Tour in Malaga and 23rd in Malaga this season. Overall, this was 4th cash in the Estrellas for the German and this time he claimed €64,600.

Another poker pro, Jorge Ufano managed to finish in the second place. He bagged €41,000 for his efforts this time after he finished 61st this year in Madrid.

These are the top payouts of the event:

espt s2e4



  • Events – 8 (including first-time High Roller and Estrellas Ladies Championship)
  • Running – September 21-25, 2011
  • Main Event attendance – 426
  • Main Event (in the money) – 32
  • Prizepool – €372,154

Ibiza, a party island 24/7 welcomed Pokerstars Estrellas Poker Tour Season 2 finale. Maybe it’s the Grand Final, maybe Pokerstars qualifiers but the poker festival attendance skyrocketed! There was a €2,000 High Roller event added to the schedule and a ladies Championship.

The first High Roller champion was Alvaro Santamaria who had several cashes in Estrellas Poker Tour.

426 players entered the €910 +90 Main Event, that made it the second biggest Estrellas Poker tour event so far.

First Polish Estrellas Poker tour champion Grzegorz Gosk was one of the two non-Spanish players at the Final Table. For five days of playing poker, Gosk was rewarded €92,100 tables.

These are the top payouts of the event:

espt s2e5

The runner up in this event was Alvaro Santamaria, who had a pretty spectacular Estrellas Poker Tour. He finished in third place at the Main event in Alicante, ended in second here to win €58,600 as well as won the first ESPT High Roller event for almost €20,000.