Estrellas Poker Tour (Part 3)

As Estrellas Poker Tour started its Season Three it continued to rapidly grow. Even though this season the Main Event buy-in was raised, it didn’t stop it becoming the biggest yet in Estrellas Poker Tour history.

The season kicked off In Madrid, moved to Valencia, Ibiza and San Sebastian while the season’s grand final for the first time was joined with the EPT season launch in Barcelona.


  • Events – 7
  • Running – January 25-29, 2012
  • Main Event attendance – 482
  • Main Event (in the money) – 59
  • Prizepool – €462,720

For the second year in the row the first stop of the season was Madrid. There were 7 scheduled tournaments including the Main Event which had an increased entry fee. So, instead €910 +90. it was now a €1000 +100 event which helped it break the prize pool record despite the fact that there were 16 entries less (482 total) than the last time ESPT was in Madrid (498 total).

The Main Event amassed a €462,720 prize pool with top 59 players getting paid. What’s amazing was that two Pokerstars qualifiers managed to finish in the top 3. Juan Miguel Tome Perez won the tournament title and €70,619 while a German player David Kolmberger finished third to win €65,469. However it was Luis Ramon Rufas Acin who finished runner-up and took down the biggest prize, €88,512 courtesy of a three-way deal made while he was the chip leader.

Here are the top payouts of the Main Event:

s3 madrid



  • Events – 7
  • Running – March 28-April 1, 2012
  • Main Event attendance – 387
  • Main Event (in the money) – 46
  • Prizepool – €372, 520


After a successful event in Madrid, the tour moved east for the first time to Valencia. Among some regular events, there was also a first-time €400 +40 PLO event and of course the €1000 +100 Main event that saw 387 players generating €371,520.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Bermudez was the one to best the field and take home €76,000. He beat Ruben Gonzalez-Porcel heads-up €58,000.

Here are the top payouts of the Main Event:


Among 7 Spaniards at the final table (as you would expect), there were even two Belgium players Wim Neys and Frederic Van Der Mersch. Next year Neyes managed to bubble final table of Estrellas Main Event in Valencia while Mersch .


  • Events
  • Running – May 16-20, 2012
  • Main Event attendance – 269
  • Main Event (in the money) -
  • Prizepool – €258,240

Instead of ending the season in Ibiza like last year, organizers decided to move Ibiza to May which made it the third stop of the season. That may have resulted to the event not being as popular as expected. The Main Event had relatively low attendance with 7 events overall including €2,000 High Roller.

The €1,100 Main Event saw 269 entries generating a €258,240 prizepool. Lots of already known players as well as future stars attended. 32 players shared the prizepool in this 4-day event with Pablo Martinez Del Marmol ending on top. But only after a 3-way deal between runner-up Frenchman Amaury Legait and Swede Daniel Ericson. As you see below, Legait who was the chip-leader 3-handed took home €50,000 while both the Swede and Spaniard got around €40,000 each.

Here are the top payouts of the Main Event:

s3 ibiza

For Marmol it was the first win of the career but already the 7th Final table. If you are interested more in his results, make sure not to miss Part 4 of the series. Let’s briefly say that he will be making an appearance.


San Sebastian

San Sebastian event nearly became the worst season stops. No, quality wise it was spectacular. But it was far from the most popular ESPT event. In fact, the only reason we said “nearly” was because it repeated the attendance of Ibiza event this season. Overall, both of these events registered 269 Main Event entries that is the second worst result after ESPT Malaga in Season 1 (261 entries). That was the last time San Sebastian or Ibiza were featured in ESPT tour map.

  • Events – 7
  • Running – July 23-29, 2012
  • Main Event attendance – 269
  • Main Event (in the money) – 32
  • Prizepool – €258,240

However, nobody could say it was a bad event. ESPT San Sebastian features 7 events including the €1,000 +100 Main Event. Out of 269 players that paid the entry fee or qualified, Borja Urteaga showed the most heart to claim the title and €65,800. As there was no final table deal, you can see that the payout changes are pretty dramatic what resulted in a dynamic and pretty exciting final table.

Here are the top payouts of the Main Event:

s3 san sebastian

You probably recognize the name Alejandro Barcelo, who finished second for €41,000. That’s right, he is the same player that won ESPT Season 2 Alicante Main Event for €75,800. And he reached money in a couple of ESPT side events, as well. Unfortunately, Barcelo was a little short of winning his second ESPT event.


If there is one event that you could name as a turning point in the ESPT history, it’s definitely ESPT Barcelona. The festival that has never seen more than 500 players in a single event, now saw a flock of several thousand coming to Barcelona with over a thousand players paying €1,000 + 100 fee or qualifying to the Main Event.

  • Events – 36
  • Running – August 15-19, 2012
  • Main Event attendance – 1037
  • Main Event (in the money) – 128
  • Prizepool – €1,004,940

Why has Barcelona triple the attendance? For the first year this is when PokerStars decided to join ESPT and EPT. Now Barcelona is a regular last ESPT event of the season and the first of EPT. This year Dan Smith won €50,000 Super High Roller, Mikalai Pobal won EPT Main Event, Bryn Kenney won €5,000 +200 6max event and of course so much more notable poker players achieved high results.

This time ESPT Barcelona €1,000 +100 Main Event had 1,036 entries including 9 rebuys. Italian Lorenzo Sabato came to the Final Table 3rd in chips but soon grabbed the chiplead that he held till the end. Sabato certainly played well but getting pocket queens 3 times at the final table surely helped. The Italian eliminated Garstick, Llorens, Bernabeu, Svensson and of course, runner-up Andrey Demidov.

Here are the top payouts of the event:


espt barca season 3

That was the end of ESPT Season 3. Make sure to check out Season 4 overview – it was even an even bigger poker festival!